Bodymind Wellness - Massage Therapy and Bodywork
Are you covered by Insurance?
Currently, my services are not typically  reimbursed by insurance.  In the past 10 years, Insurance companies that have contacted me directly want the therapist to substantially reduce their service fee for their members and the therapist is given the benefit of being listed as an affiliated provider.   Some Insurance companies have contracted with Unions to include massage as a covered service.  Also, if you have been in an accident or have special needs, many times massage may be covered.  Please contact your provider for more information, as each insurance policy is unique in it's coverage.
Please consider this:  the value and quality of work, attention and personal service given for a 60 minute massage - in  comparison to what many of us receive in terms of our general health care visits; visits that are incurring higher and higher co-pays.
Also, you may submit the amount of your session towards a flexible spending account which will render your massage sessions tax free.  Ask your human resource department for more information and I will be happy to provide you with a receipt for your session.
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