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Why I LOVE using
Essential Oils...
I’ve had a passion for over 10 years now to find the most natural personal care products for me and my family.  Since I’ve had children, I am even more committed to using products without crude oil derivatives, synthetic fragrances, and chemicals that I can’t pronounce.  I was tired of buying so called “natural” products only to get home a find a hidden preservative in the ingredient list that has been linked to interrupting female hormones or our DNA!  Unlike eating something – where food, medications, etc. are filtered through our digestive system, liver and kidneys - when we put something on our skin, our bodies receive that product via our blood stream.  Unfortunately, we use these products daily – and I consider it an assault to our natural constitutions.
“Most of us see our skin as a natural barrier.  We imagine that not only does our skin hold us in, but it also keeps everything else out.  We imagine that if our skin is unbroken, we present an impermeable surface, immune to the chemical stew of our environment.  But our skin, our largest organ, is not impermeable.  Acting more like a very fine sieve, our skin “breathes”.  As it inhales, it absorbs fine traces of the stuff on its surface; as it exhales, chemicals are excreted as fine components of sweat and sloughed-off skin cells”.   
“Since the late 60’s, researchers have demonstrated the permeability of the human skin by attaching radioactive “tags” to chemicals in cosmetic preparations.  The preparations were applied to the skin of human volunteers and the tagged chemicals were later identified in the volunteers’ waste products.  Essential oils placed on the skin are absorbed rapidly.  In as little as 5 –20 minutes an essential oil, applied topically, makes its way into the bloodstream, is carried to the lungs, and is exhaled with the breath.  Essential oils are also eliminated through the skin, released in sweat through the pores, and released in urine through the bladder.  As EOs travel through the body systems, tissues and organs benefit from their healing action”.  From The Aromatherapy Companion by Victoria Edwards  - a great book!
I’m a naturalist and purist.  I believe that everything we need can be supplied by our garden, the mountains or the ocean. The more I go green, go simple, go organic - the better I look and feel ... from the inside out.
Essential Oils?
Essential Oils (EOs) are volatile liquids that are distilled from plants - including the parts of plants such as bark, stems, roots, seeds, flowers, leaves, fruit, etc.  It takes very large quantities of plant material to make a small amount of oil.  Oils are made up of chemical constituents which help to determine the purity of the oil.  Many variables can effect the constituents such as soil condition, climate, weather, harvesting methods, geographical region, and the distillation process.  Because of these variables - the amount of plant material needed and the vulnerable aspects of creating a potent and effective oil, essential oils can be expensive, but a little goes a long way and they have a very long shelf life if stored properly.
Synthetic fragrances can set off allergic reactions and tax your immune system.  Central nervous system damage has been linked to the use of synthetic substances.   Take a few moments to check the personal care products (that you use on your body, everyday) in your bathroom. 
Read those books you are drawn to - there is so much to learn about essential oils, flower remedies, hydrosols, crystals and the list goes on and on... 
I am a Young Living Oils Distributor.  Young Living also makes personal care products and nutritional supplements with essential oils.  Their products are potent, pure, CONSISTENT and effective.  I use them daily and I swear by them!

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